Eitrix is a new game that combines classic block clearing action with massive multiplayer support and powerups! Download the latest version today!


TI-83/84 Plus



The PC version features up to eight players, including computers!

Four-player block clearing action!
The game supports up to eight players, including computers!
Dimitri Shastakovich waves to the crowd!

Download for PC

Also try out our portable version for the Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus Family of graphing calculators, supporting 2-player linkplay! Simply run with your favorite shell (such as Doors CS) and enjoy!

TI 83 Plus Eitrix TI 83 Plus Eitrix

Download for TI

In addition, Betafreak Games proudly hosts Eitrix's predecessor, Eittris, for DOS and 16-bit Windows. Both require emulation, such as DOSBox 0.74, to run on modern systems, but otherwise play very similarly to the more modern Eitrix.

Download Eittris for DOS (ZIP)

Download Eittris for 16-bit Windows (installer)