About Us

We are a game company that makes fun filled games for XBox and PC. We got our start in video game development many years ago, around the year 1999. Hans Jorgensen began learning C#, coded his first game "Breakout", and has taken off ever since. Betafreak Games consists of three hobbyists:

  • Hans Jorgensen: One of the main coders of the group. At the age of 21, he enjoys doodling, plotting out new game ideas, fiddling with technology, playing his actual fiddle (violin), and thinking deep thoughts.
  • David Jorgensen: Artist. Being 22 years old, he enjoys drawing, 3D modeling, mixing music, singing, playing piano, biking, and doing Lightsaber fights and tricks.
  • Eric Jorgensen: Another main coder, age 46. Somewhat a mentor to help the younger ones get their start. He has worked on various Microsoft projects, one of them being the Microsoft Surface. With his technological expertise, he does a good job at helping our company not get lost and confused.

Please link to our site if you get the chance! Thank you all for your time in playing our games!